Top 10 Best Free Karaoke Apps For Android and iOS 2020

Are you searching for Best Free Karaoke Apps for android or iOS devices? Karaoke is a fun activity for songs and music lovers. If you are a song lover and have a passion for singing, then you are in the right place. In this article, I have shared the list of top 10 Best Karaoke Apps.

Karaoke is a fun time activity done by many people. Using karaoke song lovers record their voice while singing. You can record your favorite songs alone using a karaoke app. Also, you did not need any high-end musical instruments to record karaoke songs. There are many free Karaoke apps are available for smartphone users. You can easily download it from the android play store or iOS app store.

These karaoke apps provide features to record your voice with original song background instrument tracks. Users can record songs solo or duet with friends and popular singers. Similarly, you can record and share with your friends and family or on social media. This Karaoke activity is the best way spend quality time whenever you are free.

Best Free Karaoke Apps For Android and iOS
Best Free Karaoke Apps For Android and iOS

There are lots of good karaoke apps are available for android and iOS platforms. But not all are good and provides recording in high quality. If you are worried to find the top karaoke app then I am here to solve this issue for you. You can also consider the below list as the best karaoke app for party events.

List of Best Free Karaoke Apps For Android and iPhone

Here is the shortlisted list of best free karaoke apps for you. This list is based on the user’s ratings, features, and user interface. I hope you will find this list useful. If you found any of these apps are not working then let me know in the comment box. I will replace it with a new one soon.

1. Smule – The Social Singing App

Smule - the social singing platform
Smule – the social singing platform

Smule is a popular and Best Free Karaoke App available for smartphone users. It is basically a social singing app having thousands of free songs and lyrics. The Smule app has more than 1 million active users worldwide. It allows users to sing solo or duet, you can also sing a song with your favorite singer from across the world. Even you can find the latest Hollywood and Bollywood songs easily here.

This free karaoke app has many inbuilt audio and video filters, users can use these filters while recording. The Smule app interface is very simple and easy to use. There is also a practice section where anyone can practice songs by seeing lyrics and pitch quality.

Key Features:

  • inbuilt singing social media.
  • Amazing editing features.
  • Multiple audio and visual effects.

Download: Android  |  iOS

2. Karaoke Lite

Karaoke Lite app
Karaoke Lite app

Karaoke Lite is another best free karaoke app for Android and iOS users. It is launched by a Vietnam based company Aloha Std. This app is very much similar to the Smule social singing platform. It allows users to sing karaoke and record it with video. Karaoke Lite is riched in features like voice search feature, upload your videos, share videos.

The interface is very similar to any video sharing platform. Users can easily upload videos or watch other user’s videos seamlessly. Registration is required to use this platform.

Key Features:

  • Simple interface.
  • Requires multiple app permission while installing.
  • Voice Search feature

Download: Android

3. The Voice

The Voice app
Source: The Voice app

The Voice is a great karaoke online app for android users. It is launched by Yokee™, an Israel based company. It has a very good collection of English and Hindi songs. Users can record a duet with singers from all over the world. It also allowed users to share creations with 100M+ singers on The voice platform. You can also watch other user’s content and interact with like, share, and comment.

The interface is very attractive and simple. It also allows users to record their voice and video and share it with your friends and family via social media.

Key Features:

  • huge library of songs.
  • record and share.
  • Interact with like, comment..

Download: Android  |  iOS

4. SingPlay: Karaoke your MP3

SingPlay Karaoke app
Source: SingPlay Karaoke app

Singplay is another one of the good free karaoke apps for iPhone users developed by KineMaster Corporation. The developers claim that this app will improve their singing experience. It has more than 1 lakh users on its platform. SingPlay allows users to record free karaoke music and enjoy singing with or without the original vocal.

Users can also control the TEMPO and PITCH of songs after recording. You need to choose any mp3 songs that you need to record. In case of lyrics is not available in the mp3 file, you can also add it manually.

The user interface is very simple and the app is light weighted. You can also use this app without an internet connection.

Key Features:

  • TEMPO and PITCH control.
  • Outputs: Video file (mp4), Audio file (mp3)
  • Supported Audio Format: .mp3, .aac, .m4a (AAC), .wav, .flac, .ogg
  • No internet required.
  • Lyrics display.

Download: Android

5. Karaoke By Yokee

Karaoke by yokee app
Source: Karaoke by yokee

Yokee is one of the best free karaoke apps for Hindi songs. This karaoke singing app is developed by Yokee™ which is an Israel based company. This is completely free to use for all users, there is no paid membership feature. It allows users to sing the song and record it with your friends and relatives.

You can also share your recorded karaoke songs on this app with others. Users can also watch other user’s karaoke videos and make contact with them.

It has a huge collection of songs from different artists. The interface is very fast and amazing. The Search bar is also available, where you can search for your favorite sings.

Key Features:

  • Reverb option.
  • Sing and Record.
  • Free for a lifetime.

Download: Android iOS

6. StarMaker: Sing Free Karaoke

StarMaker free karaoke app
Source: StarMaker free karaoke app

The next one is the StarMaker app launched by StarMaker Interactive. StarMaker Interactive is a United States-based company. StarMaker is one of the popular and Best Free Karaoke Apps. It has more than 1 lakh users on its platform. It has a huge quantity of Bollywood songs in its database. If you a Bollywood song lover then this is a good free Bollywood karaoke app for you.

It also allows users to edit your voice after recording or can edit while recording your voice. The user interface is very smooth and easy to navigate. You can also use this app as a social singing app.

Key Features:

  • Can add effects like Distant, Warm, Vinyl, Party, Fascinating.
  • Top Indian Bollywood songs are available.
  • Go Live feature to broadcast your singing.

Download: Android  |  iOS

7. Singa

Singa Karaoke app
Source: Singa Karaoke app

Singa is one of the best free karaoke apps, available for android and iOS smartphone users. It has thousands of karaoke songs listed on this app. Users can also make a duet with other users or with favorite singers. The quality of the sound recording is very clear and amazing. You did not need any expensive recording gear for recording karaoke songs.

The user interface is very modern and smooth navigation as compared to other apps on this app. You can also adjust the audio pitch and other settings after recording. Using this app you can easily share with friends in social media.

Key Features:

  • Modern interface.
  • can adjust pitch and other settings.
  • Thousands of free karaoke songs.

Download: Android  |  iOS

8. Baby Karaoke

Baby Karaoke app
Source: Baby Karaoke app

Baby Karaoke is another best free karaoke app for android and iOS users. This is a 100 percent free to use karaoke app. It is specially developed for kids. If you are a kid or want your kid to learn karaoke songs then this app is a good option for you. It enables the user to sing along with their child to well known songs and nursery rhymes.

It has many inbuilt kids rhymes and songs for children. The interface looks very amazing in animated style. You can use this app to record your kid’s voice as a memory.

Key Features:

  • Animated style.
  • Free.
  • No registration or login required.

Download: Android  |  iOS

9. KaraFun

KaraFun is a good karaoke app for party events launched by a non-Chinese company Recisio. This is not a completely free app. It has both free and paid membership options. The free membership has many limitations while paid membership allows users to record full songs and many more features. Karafun has more than twenty thousand plus songs.

One of the most amazing features is that you can make your own favorite song playlist for free. The interface is very simple and easy to use. You can also use this app in offline mode without any internet.

Key Features:

  • Offline Mode
  • Make favorite songs playlist
  • Chromecast supported
  • More than 20,000 plus songs

Download: Android  |  iOS

10. WeSing

WeSing - Sing Karaoke
Source: WeSing – Sing Karaoke free

WeSing is one of the Best Free Karaoke Apps for android offline. It allows users to record and edit karaoke songs with a variety of special voice effects. The video effects are also available, you can use them too. Lots of new and classic songs are added on a regular basis. You can duet with artists or your friends across the globe. Users can also send gifts to your favorite singers and make them friends.

The user interface is very unique as compared to other apps. Anyone can easily understand how to use it. There is an Offline mode, you can also use this app without any internet connection.

Key Features:

  • Record & Edit Karaoke Songs
  • Free for all
  • Share gifts and videos

Download: Android  |  iOS

Final Words

That’s it for this article. These are the good free karaoke apps that you can use in a party or unlimited singing. In my opinion, Smule and The Voice are the best on this list. If you found this article useful then don’t forget to bookmark this URL for future purposes. I will update this list with a new one soon.

I hope you will like this article on Best Free Karaoke Apps for Android and iOS. Let me know which is your favorite karaoke app in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives. Keep visiting.

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