The 10 Best Rom Sites to Download ROMs 2023

Are you searching for Best ROM Sites over the internet? Do you still miss 90s console games? If yes, you are in the right place. This post is specially written for you. In this post, I have shared the best ROM websites to download ROMs for free. You can get your ROMs from these websites and play favorite classic games.

There are many ROM downloading websites are available on the internet but not all websites are good and safe to use. They might contain harmful download links or malicious ads. In this list, all ROM websites are free, secure, and tested by me. You can download ROMs as well as Emulator for free and securely from these websites.

So whats next?

What is ROMs?

Are you an 80’s or 90’s kid and still miss playing retro games? If yes, then you might enjoy playing cassettes games that come with their consoles. ROMs allow you to play old classic games on your PC and laptops. But you need an emulator to install these ROMs.

However you might wonder how to play those games on your PC and laptops. Well there are only two things you need to have in your computer that is emulator and their respective ROMs. That’s it.

Best Rom Sites to Download ROMs
Best Rom Sites to Download Game ROMs

There is still a chance that you have a question in your mind that could be where to download these ROMs from. So, we have compiled a list of best ROM sites below. Each of these is working fine and none of them are spam.

List of Best Safe Rom Sites to Download ROMs

1. Romspedia

Source: Romspedia

Romspedia is simply a one-stop website when it comes to retro games. Other than the ROMs they offer, you can also find emulators, BIOSes, ROM Hacks, and even ROM packs.

The website requires no registration or login in order to download your favorite games, all you have to do is finding your favorite retro games, downloading them, and importing them into your emulator. You can even play on a smartphone.

2. Gamulator

Source: Gamulator

Gamulator is one of the best ROM sites available on the web. This is a very popular website to download ROMs and play games. The creators add the latest ROMs and Emulators on regular basis.

You can also find old classic ROMs such as Super Mario and Pokemon Black Version. All files uploaded on its server are malware free as it is powered by McAfee and Norton security. So you can download ROMs and play games without any worries.

Users don’t need to register to download ROMs. You can decide which ROM to download by seeing ratings and the number of downloads. Users can download games in one click.

The search bar comes with an autocomplete feature. You can search ROMs even you don’t know the name of the game. The interface is very simple and easy to handle.


  • No ads
  • No registration required
  • Both ROM and emulators available


  • Download speed needs to improve

3. Romulation

Source: Romulation

Romulation is another best site for ROMs. It is also known as the search engine for ROMs. It has a huge collection of ROMs for all platforms such as PlayStation, Nintendo, Dreamcast, Sega, and many more. You can find almost all ROMS for multiple platforms here.

On the homepage, there is a long search bar where you can search for emulator games. Also, it comes with an autocomplete feature that allows users to search roms easily without knowing the full game’s name.

If any issue regarding roms and emulators then you can use the discussion forum and ask for help. Romulation also comes with premium membership options having unlimited downloads, direct downloads, and no account restriction features.

Apart from these, you will find the most popular games and the latest games added to romumlation. The user interface is attractive and simple.


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Forum for discussion
  • No registration required to download


  • Limited downloads for free user.

4. Romsmania

Source: RomsMania

Romsmania is the next best site for ROMs for emulator players. This website is 100 percent free, users can download free ROMs and emulators from RomsMania. It is the best place to find retro games for almost all emulators such as Pokemon, Super Mario World, and many more.

It is previously known as romsmode. The security offered by this website is also very strict so you do not have to worry about your security. If you are a regular rom user then you must bookmark this website for future uses.

On the homepage, users will find popular consoles and popular games. The website interface is very beautiful and based on a classic Mario game.


  • Attractive interface
  • Free to use
  • No need to play


  • No Cons till now 🙂

5. Emuparadise

Emuparadise website
Source: Emuparadise

Emuparadise is another one of the best ROM sites and emulators for retro video game players. Also, this is the oldest who provides all types of ROMs. You will find any ROMs and emulators based on user votes and ratings. Users can download games, ISO, video games, music, guides, and much more stuff in a single click.

The security provided by emuparadise is strict which is enough to viruses, malware, and other threats. Emuparadise also provides features where you can play games directly online. Apart from these, users can download music files too.

On the homepage, you will find popular ROMs, recent community posts, and the latest news. Registration or sign-in is not required to use this website. However, you will see multiple ads related to games.

Recently Emuparadise is not opening in many countries. This may because emuparadise gets banned. In this case, you can check emuparadise alternatives. I had covered it in a previous article.


  • Free
  • No sing in required
  • Play games directly online


  • Multiple advertisements

6. Wowroms

wowroms rom website
Source: WowRoms

Wowroms is one of the best rom sites to download ROMs. It has a good collection of ROMs and emulators. The good thing is that the ROMs available on wowroms are specially made for old computers. It contains ROMs for more than 30 emulators.

If you have an old pc like Apple I and DOS then the downloaded ROMs will runs smoothly without any problem. You can also play old games online directly on this platform.

If you are a non english user, then you can switch to other languages like french, russian, and many more.

If you are facing issues with other ROM downloading sites or the ROMs you download are not working, then you must try wowroms. The website interface is very simple and fast loading. Also, the contents are well managed and easily accessible.


  • Can play games online directly
  • Free
  • ROMs specially available for old PC


  • N/A


Emuroms website
Source: Emuroms

If you’ve tried the multiple best ROM sites but have not found the right ROM for your favorite game. Then you must try EmuRoms this time. Unlike Vimm’s lair, it is available for all users across the globe. EmuRoms has a vast collection of legendary games and emulators.

However, all downloaded files are virus-free and secure. You should not worry about your security issues. This website is available in three languages such as Português, English, and Español. You can change the language according to your need. You might see some advertisements while downloading ROMs.

Users can also request rom if they didn’t find it here. The interface is very simple and easy to use. You can navigate from one page to another page easily.


  • Simple and easy interface
  • Huge collection of ROMs
  • Available in 3 languages


  • Ads are available

8. Coolrom

CoolROM website
Source: CoolROM

Coolrom is another one of the best rom sites for classic gamer players. You can download any ROMs and emulators to play retro games. This website is 100 percent free for its users, you didn’t have to pay anything to use this website. It has a huge collection of ROMs and also latest game ROMs are added regularly by admins.

Coolrom also have option for its users to play games directly online. You can also change website language if you are a non english user. On the homepage you will find latest site news and Popular Emulator Sections. The search bar is available at top navigation bar, where you can search any ROMs using its name.

CoolROM provides ratings, screenshots, and gameplay preview which makes this site different from the others. The website interface looks very simple in back theme. It is also ads free, which does not misslead you while finding ROMs.


  • Play games directly online
  • 100% Free
  • No ads


  • N/A

9. Vimm’s lair

Vimms Lair ROM website
Source: Vimms Lair Website

Vimm’s Lair is another best place to download ROMs. This is one of the oldest and best ROM sites available on the internet. It is very popular as a safe ROM downloading website. It has a large variety of game ROMs and emulators.

The website interface is very well managed. everything is sorted in alphabetical order, which makes users find ROMs and emulator they are looking for. The best thing about vimm’s Lair has no annoying advertisements anywhere. You can choose game ROMs by checking other user ratings, and reviews. You can also perform a manual virus scan before downloading ROMs.

It has been functional since 1997, But currently it is only available for USA users. We hope Vimm’s Lair will be available for rest of world soon. The website interface is very simple and fast loading. Every content is well managed.


  • No ads
  • Free for lifetime
  • Fast loading and user-friendly


  • Only available for USA users.

10. SonyISOs

SonyISOs website
Source: SonyISOs website

SonyISOs is one of the best ROM sites to download ROMs for Sony games. You will find a huge collection of all sony game ROMs here. This website is specially made for games played on Sony consoles. SonyISOs is a completely free website. The admins also update all the ROMs with new version frequently.

It also has a discussion forum where users can post their queries and experiences. You can also request any ROM which you did not find on this website. Also, user does not require to register or sign in to download ROMs and Console interface. However, You will see multiple ads while using this website.

On the homepage, you will find different Sony console category. You can select any Sony console option that ROM you want to download. The website interface is simple and very user friendly.


  • Free for lifetime
  • Huge collection of Sony games ROMs
  • Attractive interface


  • Multiple ads

11. ROM Hustler

ROM Hustler website
Source: ROM Hustler

Rom Hustler is another best place to download ROMs for free. It is very famous among emulator game players. It has a huge collection of game ROMs for Nintendo, Playstation, PSP, Sega, and many more emulators.

Another best thing is that Rom Hustler does a malware scan for every file uploaded on its server. Hence, All players can play games without any worries.

Users can also check the number of downloads, ratings before download. It helps users to decide which ROMs is to choose.

Rom Hustler has a separate mobile version, which is totally different from the desktop website. It helps both desktop and mobile users to access the optimal format of the website.

Downloading is a very simple and one-click process. The website interface looks very simple and interactive. Overall Rom Hustler is a good ROM website to download ROMs easily.


  • Malware Free ROMs
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • No need to register


  • Multiple ads are available

What are the best ROM sites?

There are many safe ROM sites are available on the internet. I have shortlisted some of them:
These are Gamulator, Romulation, Romsmania, Emuparadise, Wowroms,, Coolrom, Vimm’s lair, SonyISOs, and ROM Hustler.

Is portalroms safe?

Well, portalroms is completely safe and secure. But be aware of malicious advertisements. I advise you to please use an adblocker or VPN while using this kind of website.

Is coolroms safe?

Well, coolroms is completely safe and secure. But be aware of malicious advertisements. I advise you to please use an adblocker or VPN while using this kind of website.

Is romsmode safe?

Well, romsmode is completely safe and secure. But be aware of malicious advertisements. I advise you to please use an adblocker or VPN while using this kind of website.

Is wowroms safe?

Well, Wowroms is completely safe and secure. But be aware of malicious advertisements. I advise you to please use an adblocker or VPN while using this kind of website.

Do ROMs have viruses?

Generally ROMs are safe and secure to use. But it could be infected by viruses. So, always download from trusted sources.


That’s it for this article. You can download your desired video game ROMs using these websites. All websites mentioned above are safe and secure. So, I suggest go with one of the above websites to protect yourself from viruses and malwares.

I hope you will like this article on Best ROM Sites. Let me know which one is your favorite website in the comment box below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives. Keep visiting geekyduniya.

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