Top 8 Best iOS Emulator For Android 2020

Are you looking for an ios emulator for android or want to run ios apps on an android device? Yes, it is possible to use iOS apps in android smartphones using emulation techniques. iOS emulation is the best way to use iOS apps on android smartphones.

These are many other methods of how you can run Apple IOS apps on Android available on the internet. The first one is to borrow an iPhone from your friend and try apps you want. If this step is not possible for you then you can try the next step. Another one is to install an iOS emulator on your android device. This one is the best option if you want to use the iOS application for a long time.

What is An iOS Emulator?

The iOS emulator is a program that enables you to install iOS apps on other operating systems. After emulator installation, it creates a virtual iOS environment for apps. This virtual environment allows you to install and run iOS applications. In simple words, you can enjoy two different operating systems at the same time using an emulator.

Top 8 Best iOS Emulator For Android
Top 8 Best iOS Emulator For Android

iOS emulator can also help you in many other ways. It supports a wide variety of applications that need root access without jailbreak. You can easily download them and use them without any trouble.

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”Is It Possible To Run iOS Apps On Android?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] Yes, it is possible to run iOS apps on android using emulation techniques. iOS emulator creates a virtual ios environment and enables you to run and install iOS apps. [/sc_fs_faq]

List of Top Free iOS Emulator For Android To Run iOS Apps

Here is the shortlisted list of some amazing ios emulators for Android smartphones. If you found any emulator link is not working then let me know in the comment box. I will try to update them with the new link asap.

S. No. iOS Emulator For Android Price  Link
1. iEMU Emulator Free
2. Cider Emulator Free
3. Appetize iOS Emulator $40/month
4. IOSEmus Free
5. All in one iOS emulator Free
6. iphone5simulator Free
7. iOS Launcher Free
8. RunThatApp $0.05 per minute

1. iEMU Emulator

iemu ios emulator for android apk
Source: iemu ios emulator for android

iEMU is the best iOS Emulator For Android devices. You can install iEMU apk on any android device. It is very popular among Android users. It provides a virtual iOS environment to run iOS apps in android smartphones. It does not require a lot of storage space on your android smartphone. You can easily install iOS apps and games on your device.

But keep in mind, you can not play heavy iOS games on your phone using this iEMU Emulator as it may lags. You can completely enjoy the iOS feel and apps for free. It didn’t charge any fee to use this emulator. The interface is very simple and easy to use.

Therefore you can use this emulator to install limited iOS games and apps for free.


  • Free to use.
  • Can’t handle heavy games.
  • Gets regular updates from developers.

Download: iEMU Emulator for android

2. Cider Emulator

Cider Emulator for android
Source: Cider Emulator

Cider app is another one of the best iOS emulators for android. You can use cider to download and run ios apps on android. This amazing emulator is developed by 6 students as a university project. These students had very good knowledge of ARM hardware, after research they launched the cider app. This is completely free to use that can convert your android device into an iOS looking device. That means you didn’t need to pay extra money for apple launcher applications.

The only limitation of this emulator is that it is compatible with all android devices. You need to check whether your smartphone is compatible or not before installation. Although it is not available on the android play store, you can download it very easily from third party websites. Also, you can install almost all ios applications and games on this emulator. But avoid installing heavy games as it may lags and show some glitches.

I personally tested it on my smartphone and found a very smooth experience.


  • Malware and virus free.
  • Free and easy to use.
  • Require very little disk space

Download: Cider Emulator

3. Appetize iOS Emulator

Source: Appetize

Appetize is a web-based ios emulator for android. You can use it to use ios apps on android for free on a web browser. Also, you didn’t need to root your android device to run ios apps and games. Appetize is not a free emulator, It has trail and premium membership option. The trail is free but limited to 100 minutes per month whereas the premium membership starts with $40/month.

As Appetize is a cloud based emulator, you can use it on your PC. You can run it on your PC web browser. I personally use this website to test ios apps for blogging. If you are looking to test one or two apps then appetize is the best option for you. The interface is very simple and fast loading. Appetize is also used by many companies for app testing and development.


  • Cloud-based emulator.
  • Trail and premium membership.
  • Best for app testing and development.

Website: Appetize iOS Emulator

4. IOSEmus

Source: IOSEmus

IOSEmus is the most popular iOS emulator for Android to run ios applications on android. This emulator is completely free and works perfectly fine with almost all android phones. It also has an inbuilt app store where you can search for any app or games. Just click on the download button and it will available to work in a few seconds.

IOSEmus has also many different themes, you can select according to your choice. However, you can also run apps that require jailbreak on iOS devices. This feature is very amazing in case you want to test the app before jailbreak.

The emulator interface is very user friendly and easy to use. Apps are well categorized and managed. Apart from these, IOSEmus also supports apps like lucky patcher download paid games or apps for free.


  • Regular updates from developers.
  • Free to use.
  • No jailbreak required.
  • Customizable theme.

Download: IOSEmus Emulator

5. All in one iOS emulator

All in one iOS emulator
Source: All in one iOS emulator

All in one is one of the free ios emulators for android users. You can use this emulator to run ios games and apps on android devices. This supports almost all popular iOS apps like safari, camera, music, and maps. Not only apps you can also play light games very easily. But you might face lags and network issues while playing heavy games. So, avoid using heavy apps on this emulator.

The best part of this emulator is that it is the only emulator that supports Siri. You can do almost all your tasks with Siri like an apple phone. All in one emulator is very lightweight and fast loading. But you might see advertisements while using All in one emulator.


  • Inbuilt Siri’s support.
  • Ads are available.
  • Free.
  • Regular updates from developers.

Download: All in one iOS emulator

6. iphone5simulator

Source: iphone5simulator

iphone5simulator is an ios simulator available for smartphone users. iPhone Simulator is a web application to test your iPhone Web Applications or iPhone version of your website. It is completely free to use for any user. However, it does not allows users to install or run iOS applications. It only provides a safari web browser and that’s it.

iPhone Simulator is best displayed in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Users can only open any websites, and other activities are restricted. The simulator website is very fast loading and smooth.


  • Free
  • Only restricted to web browser activities.
  • Developed by a freelancer developer.

Website: iphone5simulator

7. iOS Launcher

iOS Launcher for android
Source: iOS Launcher

iOS Launcher is a free theme launcher application for android smartphones. This is a very popular theme launcher among android users. However, it doesn’t allow you to run ios apps on android, but it can convert an android smartphone theme into an apple theme. iOS Launcher is very customizable, users can set launcher according to their needs.

The launcher interface is very simple and easy to navigate. Even a kid can easily understand how to use this launcher pretty well. You can download iOS Launcher from google play store.


  • Available free on google play store.
  • Easy and simple interface.
  • Customizable theme.

Download: iOS Launcher from Play store

8. RunThatApp

Source: RunThatApp

RunThatApp is another cloud based ios emulator for android. It allows users to run ios mobile applications in mobile browsers. You can also use RunThatApp on PC too. You can try this platform on almost all devices and web browsers. This is a great option to test and check the apps.

This is not a free application to use, you need to pay a $0.05 per minute fee to run applications. But the cost is very effective as compared to the features it provides. However, you can try the demo before paying the fee. You can use almost all features like an Apple smartphone.

The website interface is very simple and unique than other cloud based emulator. But the emulator requires good internet connectivity.


  • Cloud based ios emulator.
  • Cost $0.05 per minute.
  • Supports all web browsers.

Website: RunThatApp


That’s it for this article. You can these ios emulators for android to run and use iOS apps. No matter whether it is android or iOS or windows, you can run any operating system on another os using emulation technique. iEMU and cider are my favorite ios emulators to test apple applications for free. If you found this article useful then don’t forget to bookmark this URL for future purposes. I will add new emulators on this list soon.

I hope you will like this article on Best Free iOS Emulator For Android. Let me know if you have any other emulators in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives. keep visiting… 🙂

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