11 Best KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons 2020

Are you searching for KissCartoon Alternatives on the internet? Do you know what kid loves the most? They love cartoons a lot I also remember us watching cartoons when we were kids because even we love cartoons. There are many streaming websites using which you can watch amazing cartoons for free!

Here in this article, I will provide you a complete list of top kisscartoon alternative websites you can use to stream online cartoons and have a great time with you and your kids. One such website is kisscartoon, it is a free website that contains a complete collection of many popular cartoon TV shows, movies, and amines.

In addition to kisscartoon there are many other kisscartoon alternative websites in which you can go for alternatives to kisscartoon. But not are all websites are useful for users. Many of them contain fake cartoons chapters and episodes.

Best KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons

What is Kisscartoon?

Kisscartoon was one of the most popular online cartoon streaming websites. It is completely free to use the website. This was the main reason for its popularity. Kisscartoon was very famous all over the world. It has a huge collection of cartoons including Family Guy, Gravity Falls, The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Batman, The Tom and Jerry Show, X-Men, and other famous series.

but it contains ads, which is very irritating while using this website in my opinion. Similar to other websites Kisscartoon doesn’t host any cartoon content on its own server. It only provides links to third-party platforms.

What happened to Kisscartoon?

Kisscartoon was shut down in 2017 due to some copyright issues. Before the shutdown, it was also facing some internal issues like accessibility and ads. Till now there are no updates from the admins of Kisscartoon. However, it may be shut down because of DMCA complaints. According to my sources, KissCartoon would not be coming back again. After the shutdown, still, there are many fake websites are live that have similar names like kisscartoon. So, I suggest you avoid them as they may be fishing for you.

Is Kisscartoon illegal?

Yes, Kisscartoon is completely an illegal website. Because it allows users to stream copyrighted content without proper permission from creators. Not only Kisscartoon all streaming websites that do not have a license to stream is illegal.

List of 11 Free Kisscartoon Alternatives 2020

I have shortlisted some of the top websites that you can use as kisscartoon alternatives. If any of the below website is not working then let me know in the comment box.

1. Kisscartoon.info

Kisscartoon info

Watchcartoononline website comes in the first position when we talk about kisscartoon alternatives. The website is almost like is a cartoon in the things that you can find almost every cartoon on this website.

You can stream all the cartoons for a free website that has an amazing User experience. This will help you to find out your favorite cartoons. You can easily have a great time with your family using this platform.


  • Free to use.
  • Android app is available.

2. KissAnime


KissAnime is one of another free anime streaming site which can hold the tag of best kisscartoon alternative.

The thing to consider about this website is that it gets 25 million traffic every month which shows how popular is website is when it comes to watching online anime shows.

This website is a great option when it comes to watching cartoons but the only problem with this website is that it contains only Anime shows.


  • Free to use.
  • Organized content.
  • Both cartoons and anime available.

3. CartoonCrazy


Cartooncrazy is one of the best options if you are looking for a cartoon for similar sites like kisscartoon. The best thing about Cartooncrazy is that you can find all the Anime content which is dubbed in English.

You can find a great variety of content hosted on CartoonCazy.  In addition to that, the website has a good User experience which helps you to navigate and find your content easily.


  • Free
  • Many popular cartoons are available.
  • No android app.

4. CartoonOn


The best part about the cartoon on is its collection of cartoons you can find a variety of cartoons on Cartoonon new cartoon series get added up very early so that you can easily find them and stream them for free on CartoonOn.

The website has a very decent user interface and it has amazing navigation which will help you to find your kind of cartoons very easily.

The website is very popular in the USA, UK, and Canada since you can find cartoons that are dubbed in the English language.


  • Free to use as others.
  • No registration.
  • Users can request to upload cartoon.

5. AnimeRhino

If you love to watch anime send anywhere AnimeRhino is an option for you. AnimeRhino is a perfect website if you are an animal lover find almost every anime series on this website in addition to that you can also find other cartoons.

The website has a good User experience I get it a lot of traffic around the world. About AnimeRhino is that you can use this website in order to download cartoon shows.


  • Free to use as others.
  • No registration.
  • Users can request to upload cartoon.

6. kimcartoon.to

Kimcartoon to

Except for Anime, you can find almost every type of cartoon on kimcartoons. Which is the best website which has a huge collection of cartoons? Which part is that the website will not interrupt you with ads while you are watching cartoons.

All the content is free forever and advertisements are shown on the right or left side of the screen even easily ignore the advertisement and focus on watching cartoons.

The website also comes with a black background option that you cannot in order to improve your User experience.


  • Free to use.
  • good colletion of comic content.
  • user can request cartoon.

7. kimcartoon.biz

Kimcartoon biz

You can surely rely on kimcartoon.Biz if you are finding an alternative for kisscartoon. This website is actually and another version of Kim cartoon to where you can find additional cartoons and anime.

This website is a great option use in order to watch cartoons for free. As said that this website is an additional website to Kimcartoon.to you can definitely have a look at this website you are not able to find content on kimcartoon.to.


  • Free for all users.
  • users can also upload content.
  • Registration is must.

8. FreeOnlineAnime

The Next website is a list of kisscartoon alternatives that are freeOnlineAnnime. This is also a great option for finding anime cartoons in great quality.

As the name suggests this website host almost every anime series you can watch for free. You can also stream online cartoons in any quality which you want ranging from very low to high.


  • Free to use.
  • huge database of cartoons.

9. AdventureTime

The last website in our list of alternatives to kisscartoon is adventure time. The best website which you can use to find in order to watch anime and cartoons related to adventure.

This website hosts a great collection of cartoons that are freely available for you in HD quality in addition to that you can easily web use the website and have fun.


  • Good streaming quality.
  • Free for all.
  • Registration is required.

10. CartoonExtra

Cartoon Extra Kisscartoon alternatives

CartoonExtra is another great Kisscartoon alternative for cartoon lovers. It allows users to stream cartoon movies and series for free. There are few ads available on this website but they will not irritate you for sure.

It has a huge collection of cartoon contents. It hosts all content on its own server which provides good quality streams to users. You can stream up to 1080p quality.

The website is very lightweight and user friendly. Everything is very organized and well manages. On the homepage, there are latest updates, popular cartoons, new series, and new movie sections.


  • Good streaming quality.
  • Free for all.

11. YouTube


Youtube is the world’s largest streaming platform. we can not ignore youtube in this list. You can use youtube as free kisscartoon alternatives. There is a huge no of cartoon content available on youtube. Also, users can stream up to 4k video quality.

There are many official channels of cartoon creators like Disney and CartoonNetwork available on youtube. The latest episodes and series are also uploaded by users, even you can find episodes that are deleted from tv.

The interface is very userfriendly and simple. Users can simply search cartoons in the search bar and get results. Registration is optional to use youtube but login allows users to comment, like, and manage saved videos.


  • Free to use.
  • No registration required.
  • stream up to 1080 quality.

Final Words

This article I have shared a complete list of top 10 websites that you can use as kisscartoon alternatives. Which I have made is a complete combination of different websites where you can find cartoons in HD quality in addition to that you will also find cartoons dubbed in English.

I hope you will enjoy this article on free kisscartoon alternatives online. Let me know about your favorite website in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives.

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