Most Popular Android Apps in 2021


Hey! You all know about the digital living so here are some of the best apps to keep you best. You must read this article so before downloading you should know how it is useful for you and how to use it. so get start your reading-

Top Five best apps of 2021

  • Instagram- Basically, it is a social media platform where you can share your photos and videos and can publish your content. it is known to be best for a business person as it can connect to your customers with much ease. it was  invent by Mike Krieger and Kevin systrom. the purpose of Instagram is to find out the best photos and videos this is the reason that people have followers and following which let us know how many people are following them.  it is has more than 100 millions download and is used all over the world
  • GBWhatsaap– it is a new and updated version of whatsapp that has exactly different features from the original. it has a better privacy policy. you can use 255 characters in your status. it has a lot of features such as you can hide your last seen for specific contacts, hide message delivered and even you can hide your last viewed. there is also a option to hide your read receipts.
  • Duolingo- it is a language-learning app and website. People can learn here free of cost without paying for any premium. It’s very safe to use there is no false in this app, they just ask for email so that they can remind you to continue your lessons. it has a

Bite-sized lessons and fun to learn. it makes you to practice speaking, reading, listening and also makes you to write so you can strong your vocabulary and grammar skills too.

  • Facebook- it connects you to friends and family members. it also make you to meet new peoples. you can post photos and videos here for which people will like and comments on your post. it is safe to use without any worries. it is just like other social media platforms easy to use and download. you can even login in its website. you just need to sign in with your phone number/email address.
  • Snap chat- it is known as new camera app here, people exchange their photos and videos. They are just get deleted after viewing you can replay it but just for once. you can chat , video calls and voice calls too. it has recently launched a new features that is spotlight here you can keep your best story. it is not good for children under the age of 18 as their parents will not be able to see what their child has sent as they are deleted after viewing.

CONCLUSION- hope you liked it and enjoyed well as i believe it was interesting to read and not made you feel bored. i guess it was helpful for you and not wasted your time.

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